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In my art work, I strive to capture the essence of my two main passions – nature and dogs (but not necessarily in the same piece!).

Natural science illustration has been a large component of my business, Sandpiper Research & Illustration, over the past 25 years.  Recently, I've been trying to find time to explore my own art work and break free of some of the constraints of illustration work.

The natural landscapes, plants and animals that grace the prairie of southern Alberta are my primary inspiration. I'm lucky to live along the Oldman River where my daily dog walks help provide sparks that fuel my art. 

Speaking of dogs, they also provide inspiration for my art work.  While flat-coated retrievers have stolen my heart, I enjoy all dogs and particularly relish the challenge of capturing the beauty of a dog doing what it was bred to do.

You can visit our Blazingstar Flat-coated Retrievers website if you wish to find out more about our dogs. 

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